I am Catherine Lewis, 21st National President of the Charmettes, Incorporated and on behalf of our membership, I am pleased to welcome you to our organization’s official website.

Please take a few moments to learn more about our members, our services and our commitment, and of course we welcome your participation and support of our chapter’s work in your community.


Catherine Lewis

National President


Who Are We?


The Charmettes, Incorporated is a national civic organization that had its beginnings when friends Gwendolyn Baker Rodgers and Frankie Drayton Thomas recognized the need for an organization that would bring together women with similar ideas, principles and backgrounds to organize themselves to utilize their skills, talents and resources for community impact.

They invited ten of their friends to join them, and on June 17, 1951, the West Palm Beach Charmettes was created.
In 1981, The Charmettes, Incorporated adopted a national thrust to eradicate cancer in our lifetime. In recognition of The Charmettes long-term support, in 2006 Howard University Cancer Center named its cancer infusion center, “The Charmettes, Inc., Gwendolyn B. Rogers, Chemotherapy Infusion Suite.”


Our Charmette members are dedicated, accomplished, passionate, and committed women who work in their communities to make the world a better and more productive place.

70 Years

of supporting the eradication
of cancer and partnering
with historically black
colleges and universities.



Donated to Howard
University Cancer Center
since 1981.

Cancer Research

Registered members in the
United States helping to carry
out our mission while
servicing our communities

community Service